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Vintage 2013

Vintage 2013

How is the 2013 vintage looking at Malartic?

“This will be a late vintage, but the vineyard is in perfect health, and we can wait confidently for the harvests.”

Fortunately the summer period began with a turnaround in the weather. July and August were splendid, with high temperatures and not much rain. These two months allowed the vines to catch up a little, but the start of ripening was still fifteen days later than in a classic vintage.
Conditions were, however, good and the “véraison” (ripening) was fast and fairly uniform.

The end of August and early September saw the second round of leaf removal and some thinning in order to even out differences in degrees of ripening and to improve air circulation, thereby reducing the risk of rot.

This will enable us to maximise the chances of obtaining optimal ripeness, despite a late harvest.

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