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Focus on the 2013 vintage

The weather gave us little respite, but we stayed on track and managed to maintain control.

Adaptation of growing practices – a larger team of pickers for extra responsiveness in a situation in which every hour can make a difference – and a pragmatic approach to harvest dates.

Drastic selection regarding green harvests and the proportion of the Grand Vin to the Second wine.

50% of the property’s Cabernet vines were harvested after the summery weekend of 19 & 20 October. A plus in terms of quality that enabled the achievement of even greater ripeness…

Adaptation of growing practices

With a particularly complicated growth cycle and a persistent lateness despite the hot, sunny summer, the canopy management tasks were adapted as the harvest approached with leaf removal on the sunset side of the rows and green harvests.
Differences in ripeness were reduced for greater uniformity. Rigorous sorting at the mid-ripening stage, primarily targeting bunches that had formed clusters with other bunches, and those that were the least ripe, and removal of “wings” on the bunches.

Harvests: a brisk pace thanks to a larger picking team

The white grape harvest started on 26 September, and was followed, most unusually, by the first Merlot just two days later!
The Sauvignon gave beautiful results; the Merlot, sometimes more fragile, was picked with extreme care, finishing on 7 October.
The harvest team was considerably larger than usual (nearly a 100 people in total) for increased flexibility. This was a crucial factor in being able to manage the picking schedule imposed by the accelerating risk of deterioration in the grapes’ health during the final days of the Merlot harvest.

Focus on the Cabernets

The weather for the weekend of 19 and 20 October was very summery. The warm temperatures, of up to 27°C, enabled the grapes to reach optimal ripeness and further refinement of the skins.

When most of the harvests had finished in the Gironde, 50 % of our Cabernet was still on the vine, in superb condition, due in particular to the green harvest of the wings on the Cabernet Sauvignon bunches. On the palate, the grapes were full-flavoured with supple, elegant tannins. The bunches were perfect and could be easily destemmed without any damage to the berries.

Malartic’s wines for 2013

Jean-Jacques Bonnie : “This was certainly a tough, demanding vintage. Everything was thrown at us! Fortunately we had strengthened the picking team to cope with the extremely tight schedule that we had drawn up due to the risk of disease. This enabled us to stay on track! Thanks to some intensive canopy management we obtained uniform levels of ripeness that were very satisfactory given the conditions for the vintage. We decided to apply drastic selection to certain plots, with a view to optimizing the quality of the grapes, rather than letting ourselves be guided by volume considerations; this enabled each bunch to be harvested in the best possible conditions. Our insistence on quality was also reflected in the proportion of grapes used for the grand vin, with 35% for the red and 45% for the white. This is the price of very high quality; for us there was never a moment’s hesitation.

The result is very pure, very flavourful wines.
The white wines are very fragrant. There is definite acidity, but this is balanced by excellent volume on the palate.
The reds present beautiful ripe, crunchy, delicious fruit. The delicate structure offers lovely balance and the tannins are soft and silky. Good substance. These elegant wines are both well-balanced and full-flavoured.

Bilan Vendanges 2013