Primeurs Vintage 2015

Uniformity and perfect weather conditions for a huge vintage!

The cold, wet winter was followed by a historically warm, dry spring until the end of July. Some welcome rain contributed to a perfect development of the ripening phase in August. Thus, the white harvest started early September with superb maturities and healthy grapes.

There was a magnificent period of Indian summer weather. A few spells of rain in early September and mid-October did not harm the grapes’ excellent state of health and the steady progression in their degrees of ripeness. The red grapes’ harvest started on September, 21st but most of them were picked between September, 29th and October, 7th. The Cabernet followed from October, 12th in radiant sunshine.

Uniformity and perfect health are the vintage’s key characteristics. This result is a truly sublime expression of Malartic’s mosaic of terroirs. Each plot has been able to reveal its full personality. The rich aromatic palette has been enhanced by a soft and tailor-made ageing that reinforced the expression of a very nice complexity.

2015, an impressive Malartic!

Benoit Prévoteau Chef de culture et Jean Jacques Bonnie

Benoit Prévoteau Chef de culture et Jean Jacques Bonnie