The 2020 vintage at Malartic : Strong identity wines, with great concentration and nice freshness.

2020 was an early vintage, with exceptional weather conditions, characterized as much by high temperatures and periods of drought as by abundant rain and frost. A vintage that required a lot of attention and a precise monitoring of the vineyard. With a nice window during flowering and Malartic’s dry, gravelly, well-drained soil, we were able to turn the various weather challenges to our advantage. The work in the cellar has been successfully continued: minimal intervention to highlight the purity of the fruit, followed by meticulous care and precision in the work on each batch after fermentation.

This results on excellent density and great concentration wines, balanced by a remarkable freshness. Malartic 2020s tannins are very sleek and elegant.

The whites present terrific aromatic purity, and really stand out: they are so precise, polished, round and fragrant. The reds have a very Cabernet style, with a silky, elegant expression of aromatic power accompanied by tremendous freshness. The palate is bright, lively, long and dense.