April 2020: Keep in touch – Fresh news from the team

Chers partenaires, clients, collègues et amis de Malartic, Dear partners, customers, colleagues and friends of Malartic, Here we are, nearly a month in lockdown… and it seems even more important to maintain this link with you, to tell you about what is happening at the château, our daily life, the things that bring us pleasure, and the challenges. Feedback on the previous newsletter was so encouraging that we shared it with the whole team!


Goliath in front of the Château, April 3rd.



In the office: motivation by proxy


The château remains closed to visitors, but we continue to receive numerous messages through voicemail, email and social media. We are very grateful for these and would like to thank you for sharing your daily routines with us: things you have enjoyed, such as a fine bottle of Malartic… the small pleasures of life!

This motivates us and helps to keep us going while we wait, not for too much longer we hope, to return to our normal routine of tours and visitors.


Thanks to all our fans! From here and abroad: Antwerp, NYC, Bordeaux, Italy, Beauchevain (Belgium), Gradignan, Delhi, Mannheim, Korea, Lisboa…


In the vineyard: a crucial period

Spring is here and the vineyard is teeming with life. The first buds emerged in mid-March and we are at the beginning of the unfolded leaf stage. This bud break period is always crucial and, with temperatures becoming critically low on 27 and 31 March, nature reminded us of its power and its rights.

Fortunately, the frosts did not cause much damage. We do not have any means of protecting the vines against frosts, since our terroirs are not usually affected, but will be extremely watchful of the weather conditions over the next few days, which will certainly be decisive.

Buds opening from March 19 to April 7


Very concerned with the implementation of our environmental philosophy, our vines are tended according to our rigorous eco-charter, that is regularly updated as new ideas and techniques emerge.

From 25 to 27 March, capsules of pheromones for mating disruption, an integrated pest management method, were put into place. This tried and tested technique is very environmentally-friendly and has been used at the château for more than 15 years.

It is also time for more ploughing, a form of natural weed control, with the turning over of the soil around the base of each vine. This is an operation that we have always carried out, originally by tractor and in recent years by horse-drawn plough, and which continues to evolve, with the arrival of two young draft horses in December, who will be taking over from our previous horse. Aged three and four years-old, they are still apprentices at the job, but are already showing great promise! It is a slow, precise task, requiring expert control of the tools and the horses.

Goliath, our four-year-old draft horse, working the plough between the vines, guided by Mathias.


Halibi with the earth-spreading tool (La Canadienne)


In the winery: things are moving!

Transferring the 2018 for the coming botlling.


The team has been actively working on the preparation of the 2018 reds for the next bottling in June. The barrels have been moved to the vat room so that the wines can be transferred for the final blending.
So, the barrel room is now partially empty and only houses the 2019.


And how is the 2019?


Like everyone else, we are waiting for the current situation to become clearer so that we can finally present it to you. It is a superb, generous, very expressive vintage, with all the characteristics of the great years. It is well worth waiting for, particularly since we have taken a new approach in the production of the 2019. It’s marking a significant change of style in the continuity of our quality efforts in recent years.

In short, it is an absolute gem that we are really looking forward to revealing to you!


And all around us…

Spring is awakening the property, with all its flora and fauna, the entire ecosystem is bursting with life! The château’s park and its ancient trees are meticulously maintained by our gardeners. It is a beautiful setting, that invites contemplation…


Just in front of the office, on the other side of the road, at La Ferme de Malartic, there is a little party every day, when the chickens and goats share the feast that is brought to them by the château’s team.

#lifegoeson at La Ferme de Malartic…


We wanted to continue to give you news of daily events here at Malartic. We also have a careful thought towards all our partners, all those who manage the places where our wines are consumed and sold. Merchants and brokers, importers and distributors, sommeliers and F&B managers, and also those who promote our beautiful region, tourism and event agencies… and all our friends, near and far, who have had to cancel trips and visits.

Easter is coming and we are thinking of our children and our families. Let’s stay connected, with solid links that we constantly renew over time.
Keep safe, and Happy Easter!


The Vignobles Malartic Team

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