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Scarlett loves Malartic!

We are very happy to have contributed to the tribute paid to Scarlett Johansson by the American Cinematheque last 18 November at Beverly Hills in front of 700 friends, family and personalities from the world of cinema.

Malartic’s wines were served to the 700 guests at the grand gala dinner. The Malartic-Lagravière magnum engraved in her name was signed by the actress, and will be given to the benefit of her charity Solar Responders.
A beautiful moment!

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The 2020 vintage at Malartic : Strong identity wines, with great concentration and nice freshness.

2020 was an early vintage, with exceptional weather conditions, characterized as much by high temperatures and periods of drought as by abundant rain and frost. A vintage that required a lot of attention and a precise monitoring of the vineyard. With a nice window during flowering and Malartic’s dry, gravelly, well-drained soil, we were able to turn the various weather challenges to our advantage. The work in the cellar has been successfully continued: minimal intervention to highlight the purity of the fruit, followed by meticulous care and precision in the work on each batch after fermentation.

This results on excellent density and great concentration wines, balanced by a remarkable freshness. Malartic 2020s tannins are very sleek and elegant.

The whites present terrific aromatic purity, and really stand out: they are so precise, polished, round and fragrant. The reds have a very Cabernet style, with a silky, elegant expression of aromatic power accompanied by tremendous freshness. The palate is bright, lively, long and dense.


When Hollywood drinks Malartic: Charlize x Malartic, 2 icons on the red carpet!

Georges Clooney, Ridley Scott, Nicole Kidman, Al Pacino, Julia Roberts … Since 1986, the « American Cinematheque Award Tribute » has annually honored an emblematic figure of the seventh art for their lifetime achievement. After Bradley Cooper in 2018, Charlize Theron had this year’s privilege of receiving the prestigious award on November 8, 2019. Surrounded by her loved ones, she received her award from Seth Rogen.


The celebration in honor of Charlize Theron took place at The Beverly Hilton. 700 people, friends and family of the actress, as well as actors and personalities from the entertainment industry, had the opportunity to taste Château Malartic-Lagraviere’s wines at the gala dinner of the ceremony. The Malartic-Lagravière White 2016 and Red 2014 perfectly matched the dishes, and completely delighted the palates of the guests of this wonderful evening.

Charlize Theron with the engraved and signed magnum bottle of Château Malartic-Lagravière

The actress, who showed a great interest in the estate and its wines, has even signed a bottle, engraved in her honor for the occasion which will be offered to Charlize Theron’s Foundation, Charlize Theron Africa Outreach project.

Château Malartic-Lagravière Grand Cru Classé de Graves in Léognan (close to Bordeaux) has been the property of the Bonnie Family for more than 20 years. Alfred and Michèle Bonnie have committed themselves to the revival of the estate since its acquisition in 1997, and their children Véronique and Jean-Jacques are now ensuring its destiny. Everything in Malartic is managed with the highest precision, as they are always in the constant search for a perfect balance. Producing a Grand Cru is a bit like directing a film: telling the story of the terroir and the people who make it. With patience and determination, it is an art at all times.

Wine shares the same universal values as cinema, which were celebrated on November 8 at the American Cinematheque: “savoir faire”, emotion, sharing, transmission…

The Bonnie Family, represented during the event by Véronique Bonnie-Laplane, is proud to have contributed to the tribute paid to Charlize Theron, who perfectly embodies these values.

About Château Malartic-Lagravière

The Bonnie Family’s wine journey began a little over two decades ago when the Belgian couple, Alfred and Michèle Bonnie, were seduced by Château Malartic-Lagravière, Grand Cru Classé de Graves in Léognan, near Bordeaux. Since then, their children Véronique and Jean-Jacques have lead with passion and determination Malartic Estates, which were completed in 2005 with the addition of Château Gazin Rocquencourt (Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux) and Bodega DiamAndes (Mendoza, Argentina).

For more than 20 years, Vignobles Malartic has produced exceptional wines, where the expression of each terroir, the search for a perfect balance and a gourmet complexity, make them the perfect allies of gastronomy. They appear on the menus of all the best restaurants around the world!

Véronique Bonnie-Laplane with Charlize Theron and the Malartic magnum signed


CHARITY AUCTION: The Bonnie family supports Movember and the upcoming Death On the Nile

The Bonnie family supports Movember and the upcoming Death On the Nile. Exceptional auction of a unique 6-litres bottle of Château Malartic-Lagravière signed by Kenneth Branagh.

The Bonnie family supports Movember and the upcoming film Death On The Nile, with the auction of a unique 6-litres bottle of Grand Cru Classé in Bordeaux signed by Kenneth Branagh, the British winner of 15 Oscar, Grammy and Emmy nominations or awards.

Château Malartic-Lagravière, owned by the Bonnie family, joins forces with Kenneth Branagh, the actor-director-producer of the new 20th Century Studios movie Death On The Nile, to auction an exceptional bottle in aid of Movember, the leading charity changing the face of men’s health on a global scale, focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The unique bottle is an ‘imperial’ (containing 6-litres) of Château Malartic-Lagravière 2016. One of only 10 bottles of this size, produced in one of the estate’s most exceptional vintages, it is engraved with ‘Death on the Nile’ and signed by its director, star and producer who is committed to supporting the causes championed by Movember.


This collaboration came about naturally. Thanks to its relationship with the Bonnie family, 20th Century Studios immediately agreed to participate in this initiative, which will take place before the highly-anticipated release of the new movie Death On The Nile. Hercule Poirot, Christie’s famous character not only has a magnificent moustache but, like the Bonnie family, he’s also Belgian.

Bids for this precious bottle in aid of Movember can be made on during the month of November until December 4th.

Get involved, be mustachioed as the Bonnies this month and participate!

To learn about other ways to support Movember, visit

The Bonnie Family at Château Malartic-Lagravière




Malartic 2019 Vintage by Jean-Jacques Bonnie

Dear partners, customers, colleagues, and friends of Malartic, The end of April is approaching and, after a month and a half of lockdown, it is still difficult to forecast how and when we will able to return to business as usual and yet… we must plan for when lockdown ends and beyond! In this usually very busy primeurs period – one of the high points of the year in the wine calendar – we thought we would talk to you about our 2019 vintage. An absolute gem to discover!

There are two aspects of the vintage we would like to emphasize:

Its extraordinary quality. Malartic 2019 manages the feat of offering both power and delicacy, by combining depth and richness with concentration and superb elegance. It is in the style of the classic great years but offering an extra dimension with its volume and remarkable length on the palate.

A significant turning point at Malartic. This vintage marks a significant turning point in our way of making the wine and expressing the terroir. As Jean-Jacques explains, we have taken the plunge, and changed our way of making the wine in order to give a more vivid expression to these grapes that are “rich in every way: rich in flavour, rich in acidity, in freshness, and in tannins”.

Interview of Jean-Jacques Bonnie, recorded at Malartic before lockdown.


“Our grand vin is a reflection of the complexity of its terroir. A unique expression which is our signature style”, summarizes Jean-Jacques Bonnie.


The broad lines of this philosophy are ripe, fresh fruit. Short macerations. Gentle extractions giving a full-bodied, fruit-driven free-run wine. Obtaining of the best tannic structure through rigorous selection of the press wines. Early blending for overall harmony

In this way, the terroir is given expression through a very gentle approach in the winery and careful control of the tannic substance. This refinement and elegance are accompanied by complexity and volume on the palate, revealing the diversity of our mosaic of terroirs.




Other news…

Still closed to visitors, and in response to numerous requests, we have set up a drive-through service with online ordering : from May 4th. Book it now! !

During this period of crisis, we are committed to reverse 10% of the amounts collected to the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France.

Until we can reopen and welcome you at the property, follow our day-to-day news on Instagram !

We wish you good health and good spirits, and hope to see you soon when lockdown ends. Keep safe and look after each other!


The Vignobles Malartic team Malartic

Tony, Arminda, Christophe, Cécile B., Florestan, Cédric, Séverine, Stélina, Christine B., Olivier, Antoine C., Mathias, Christine C., Stéphanie C., Mathilde D., Maxime , Philippe G., Mathilde G., Jimmy, Laurent, Frédéric, Ivan, Christophe M., Ludovic, Jean., Michaël, Guillaume, Tonio, Pascale, Benoit, Chantal, Antoine R., Philippe S., Geoffrey, Marie, Yannick, Fanny, Jean-Jacques, Catherine, Stéphanie H., Véronique, Damien, Blandine, Bruno, Julianne… not forgetting our faithful supporters Alfred & Michèle!



April 2020: Keep in touch – Fresh news from the team

Chers partenaires, clients, collègues et amis de Malartic, Dear partners, customers, colleagues and friends of Malartic,Here we are, nearly a month in lockdown… and it seems even more important to maintain this link with you, to tell you about what is happening at the château, our daily life, the things that bring us pleasure, and the challenges. Feedback on the previous newsletter was so encouraging that we shared it with the whole team!


Goliath in front of the Château, April 3rd.



In the office: motivation by proxy


The château remains closed to visitors, but we continue to receive numerous messages through voicemail, email and social media. We are very grateful for these and would like to thank you for sharing your daily routines with us: things you have enjoyed, such as a fine bottle of Malartic… the small pleasures of life!

This motivates us and helps to keep us going while we wait, not for too much longer we hope, to return to our normal routine of tours and visitors.


Thanks to all our fans! From here and abroad: Antwerp, NYC, Bordeaux, Italy, Beauchevain (Belgium), Gradignan, Delhi, Mannheim, Korea, Lisboa…


In the vineyard: a crucial period

Spring is here and the vineyard is teeming with life. The first buds emerged in mid-March and we are at the beginning of the unfolded leaf stage. This bud break period is always crucial and, with temperatures becoming critically low on 27 and 31 March, nature reminded us of its power and its rights.

Fortunately, the frosts did not cause much damage. We do not have any means of protecting the vines against frosts, since our terroirs are not usually affected, but will be extremely watchful of the weather conditions over the next few days, which will certainly be decisive.

Buds opening from March 19 to April 7


Very concerned with the implementation of our environmental philosophy, our vines are tended according to our rigorous eco-charter, that is regularly updated as new ideas and techniques emerge.

From 25 to 27 March, capsules of pheromones for mating disruption, an integrated pest management method, were put into place. This tried and tested technique is very environmentally-friendly and has been used at the château for more than 15 years.

It is also time for more ploughing, a form of natural weed control, with the turning over of the soil around the base of each vine. This is an operation that we have always carried out, originally by tractor and in recent years by horse-drawn plough, and which continues to evolve, with the arrival of two young draft horses in December, who will be taking over from our previous horse. Aged three and four years-old, they are still apprentices at the job, but are already showing great promise! It is a slow, precise task, requiring expert control of the tools and the horses.

Goliath, our four-year-old draft horse, working the plough between the vines, guided by Mathias.


Halibi with the earth-spreading tool (La Canadienne)


In the winery: things are moving!

Transferring the 2018 for the coming botlling.


The team has been actively working on the preparation of the 2018 reds for the next bottling in June. The barrels have been moved to the vat room so that the wines can be transferred for the final blending.
So, the barrel room is now partially empty and only houses the 2019.


And how is the 2019?


Like everyone else, we are waiting for the current situation to become clearer so that we can finally present it to you. It is a superb, generous, very expressive vintage, with all the characteristics of the great years. It is well worth waiting for, particularly since we have taken a new approach in the production of the 2019. It’s marking a significant change of style in the continuity of our quality efforts in recent years.

In short, it is an absolute gem that we are really looking forward to revealing to you!


And all around us…

Spring is awakening the property, with all its flora and fauna, the entire ecosystem is bursting with life! The château’s park and its ancient trees are meticulously maintained by our gardeners. It is a beautiful setting, that invites contemplation…


Just in front of the office, on the other side of the road, at La Ferme de Malartic, there is a little party every day, when the chickens and goats share the feast that is brought to them by the château’s team.

#lifegoeson at La Ferme de Malartic…


We wanted to continue to give you news of daily events here at Malartic. We also have a careful thought towards all our partners, all those who manage the places where our wines are consumed and sold. Merchants and brokers, importers and distributors, sommeliers and F&B managers, and also those who promote our beautiful region, tourism and event agencies… and all our friends, near and far, who have had to cancel trips and visits.

Easter is coming and we are thinking of our children and our families. Let’s stay connected, with solid links that we constantly renew over time.
Keep safe, and Happy Easter!


The Vignobles Malartic Team

Tony, Arminda, Christophe, Cécile B., Florestan, Cédric, Séverine, Stélina, Christine B., Olivier, Antoine C., Mathias, Christine C., Stéphanie C., Mathilde D., Maxime , Philippe G., Mathilde G., Jimmy, Laurent, Frédéric, Ivan, Christophe M., Ludovic, Jean., Mickael, Guillaume, Tonio, Pascale, Benoit, Chantal, Antoine R., Philippe S., Geoffrey, Marie, Yannick, Fanny, Jean-Jacques, Catherine, Stéphanie H., Véronique, Damien, Blandine, Bruno, Julianne… not forgetting our faithful supporters Alfred & Michèle!



March 2020 : Latest news from Malartic teams, keeping contact and stay safe !

Dear partners, customers, colleagues and friends of Malartic, Like everyone in the face of this unprecedented health crisis, we have had to reorganize ourselves and adapt on a daily basis so as to continue working and ensure that our employees have maximum protection. The health of everyone involved is our priority. To enable our activity to continue, we have prioritized tasks by department and set up appropriate health safety measures. Agriculture is one of the professions that is exempt from the restrictions, subject to the adoption of very specific procedures.


At the office

So while we are closed for visits and wine tourism until further notice, the administrative and commercial departments are to a certain extent still operating and working from home to deal with ongoing requests and orders.


At the vineyard

The team at the vineyard is continuing to tend to the vines, working in alternate rows so as to avoid any contact. As spring begins, the vines are in the middle of bud break. We have to prepare for the growth period with the first canopy management tasks starting in April. The vines still need human hands to prune and train them!

Adopting an EMS (Environmental Management System) approach with HEV and ISO 14001 certification, our 75 hectares of vines (Malartic and Gazin) are managed according to our rigorous environmental charter. This week, we are finishing shredding the vine trimmings, which enables organic matter to be returned to the soil: a natural fertilizer! Then, from 25 March, we will be deploying mating disruption, an integrated pest management technique to reduce damage from insects by diffusing pheromones in the vineyard. Goliath, our four-year-old draft horse, will also going back to work this week, drawing the plough accompanied by Mathias.


At the cellar

The team in the winery has been reduced, but is continuing to work meticulously on the production of our two latest vintages: the 2018 reds, which have nearly finished ageing and will be bottled before the summer, have to be transferred from barrels to vats and prepared for bottling.

We are also keeping a watchful eye on our young 2019 wines, currently in barrels. Blending was finalized at the end of February. Samples had been prepared for the major annual event of EnPrimeurs Week at the beginning of April. We would like to thank everyone for the numerous messages we have received on this subject. A little patience is required, it is just a matter of postponement! For those who would like to know more about the 2019 vintage, Jean-Jacques will shortly be issuing an update. You can follow us on instagram. Stay tuned !


And around us…

The estate, surrounded by meadows full of wildflowers and fields for the horses, represents an entire ecosystem that contributes to biodiversity in the vineyard. Nearby are our beehives, and Malartic’s farm animals (hens, goats, geese, guinea fowl), Goliath and Halibi, our two young Percheron-draft horses, are keen to get back to work! #lifegoeson

Halibi, Biquette andGoliath

We wanted to give you some news of how we are coping with the crisis on a daily basis. For us, it is vital to keep contact with you all! Wine is a vector for conviviality and sharing. And so, we offer some positive thoughts for all our partners, customers, suppliers, friends, fans, and everyone experiencing challenging situations at work or at home. Let us strengthen these links and this solidarity that are so valuable at this difficult time. Take care,


The team at Vignobles Malartic

Tony, Arminda, Christophe, Cécile B., Florestan, Cédric, Séverine, Stélina, Christine B. ,Olivier, Antoine C., Mathias, Christine C., Stéphanie C., Mathilde D., Maxime , Philippe G., Mathilde G., Jimmy, Laurent, Frédéric, Ivan, Christophe M., Ludovic, Jean., Mickael, Guillaume, Tonio, Pascale, Benoit, Chantal, Antoine R., Philippe S., Geoffrey, Marie, Yannick, Fanny, Jean-Jacques, Catherine, Stéphanie H., Véronique, Damien, Blandine, Bruno, Julianne… sans oublier nos fidèles supporteurs Alfred & Michèle !


Review of the 2019 wine tourism season: A very successful launch for “Hospitality at Malartic”!

Château Malartic-Lagravière is a beautiful wine estate in the Bordeaux region. A family-run property with a rich history, it is one of the jewels of Bordeaux’s cultural heritage. A Grand Cru Classé near the city of Bordeaux, the Château is well-equipped to receive visitors and offers an idyllic setting. Charm, elegance and superb hospitality facilities… what more could you ask for?

For the 2019 season, Château Malartic-Lagravière strengthened its hospitality team, opening on Saturdays and offering visitors even more wine tourism activities, with a selection of authentic, customized experiences. Private tours, by appointment, a varied range of gastronomic options, themed tastings: In six months, more than 1000 visitors from 25 countries were personally welcomed by Malartic’s Hospitality team!

best of wine tourism

The property’s luxury wine tourism facilities took a major step forward in 2019 and are now firmly established among the most popular in the region.

The property is honored with the Best of Wine Tourism Award 2020 from the Great Wine Capitals in the category Wine Tourism Restaurant for its Chef’s Workshop and lunch at the estate!

Ouverture de la saison touristique 2019 : Hospitality at Malartic

Located on the most beautiful gravel hilltop in the region, Château Malartic- Lagravière, a prestigious Graves Grand Cru Classé producing red and white wines from 53 hectares of vines, has been owned by the Bonnie family since 1997 and lies just outside of Bordeaux, in the heart of the region’s oldest vineyards.

Entirely renovated following the arrival of Alfred and Michèle Bonnie, it is a haven of peace, where the art of hospitality is a philosophy. 15 kilometres south of Bordeaux, less than half an hour from the station or airport, the Château receives visitors all year round for tours and customized gastronomic experiences; it also hosts private and corporate receptions: enjoy a truly memorable occasion at a Grand Cru Classé just outside Bordeaux!

The Hospitality at Malartic team organizes a variety of activities that include all types of private or group tours, the “Premium Château” tasting, the “Cheese Workshop”, “Grape Varieties & Discovery”, and cooking classes. The team is always keen to share Malartic’s philosophy and provides a commentary during tours of the winery, and tastings of Vignobles Malartic’s wines. Special emphasis is placed on the characteristics of the vineyards. The environmentally-friendly approach adopted at the property, to which the owners have been committed for more than twenty years, is explained in detail. These environmental practices are enshrined in Vignobles Malartic’s internal charter, presented in a graphic format.

Furthermore, since the Bonnie family owns a bodega in Argentina, themed tours are offered such as the “Grape Varieties & Discovery” tasting. This Franco-Argentine journey for the senses, enabling a comparison of the Argentine grape varieties used to produce DiamAndes’ wines with those of Bordeaux, offers visitors a highly original tasting experience and has proved to be a great success.

Our gastronomic offer has also been popular: the “Cheese Workshop” pairing wines with artisanal cheeses is a classic that never fails to please. The “Chef’s Workshop” offers superb cooking classes for small groups. These gourmet mornings are organized by our in-house chef, who instructs participants in the preparation of delicious dishes, which naturally go very well with Vignobles Malartic’s wines! A wonderful culinary voyage for gourmets and aspiring chefs which changes with the seasons! Ceviche-style marinated seafood, canelé Bordeaux pastries, empanadas, chanterelles and smoked tomatoes on toast, cream of butternut squash, rich shortbread… the list of recipes continues to grow, as does an enthusiastic band of Malartic devotees! The estate received for this activity the Best Of Wine Tourism Award from the Great Wines Capitals, on November 7th 2019!

Visitors also have an opportunity to see the exquisite residential part of the château, where the “Premium Château” tasting is held. Discovering food&wine pairing, comfortably seated in the château’s lounge, guests sample three wines paired with mini-appetizers specially prepared by our chef. A magnificent opportunity to enjoy the property’s wines in an exclusive, authentic setting. Private lunches and dinners are also organized in this part of the château. These occasions offer the ultimate Grand Cru Classé experience…

Furthermore, a great many companies have chosen to hold events at Malartic’s excellent location at the gates of Bordeaux, with its magnificently restored and decorated facilities offering a high-quality, independent venue in a beautiful vineyard landscape. Overlooking the Château and its park, the delightful “Vieux Chais de Malartic” (old winery) has a rich history and makes a superb setting for private and corporate receptions.

The Bonnie family and their team are deeply committed to the development of wine tourism. This is reflected in their investment in high-quality facilities and the creation of a customized hospitality programme. Thanks to this energy and commitment, visits to the estate have substantially increased in recent years.

NEW 2020: The estate will be open every Saturdays in 2020.

Ouverture de la saison touristique 2019 : Hospitality at Malartic


Château Malartic-Lagravière celebrates culinary excellence

Léognan, 6 May 2019 – Organizing the Vinexpo Welcome Dinner 2019 for the Crus Classés de Graves on Sunday, 12 May, Château Malartic-Lagravière once again celebrates culinary excellence. Following Yannick Alleno’s tour de force for the sumptuous 2017 Fête de La Fleur Commanderie du Bontemps Vinexpo closing evening), Alfred and Michèle Bonnie welcome three-star chef Arnaud Lallement, from L’Assiette Champenoise, near Reims (Champagne area).

Inspired by the same quest for excellence, for the pure expression of flavours and the character of the terroir, three-star chef Arnaud Lallement (from L’Assiette Champenoise in Tinqueux, near Reims) and Château Malartic-Lagravière will be collaborating to offer an exceptional dinner on the occasion of Vinexpo’s opening on 12 May 2019. This partnership with top international chefs presents once again an opportunity for a celebration of Haute Cuisine which sublimes Château Malartic-Lagravière’s finest wines all over the world.

The last edition of Vinexpo Bordeaux was closed at Malartic-Lagravière on 21 June 2017 with a sumptuous evening celebrating the Fête de la Fleur, a truly memorable occasion! Yannick Alleno, who is twice been awarded three stars, served an exceptional menu to 1500 guests, perfectly matched with wines from the property, providing a fitting celebration of the Bonnie family’s 20 years at Malartic-Lagravière, and a wonderful souvenir for all those present.

Fête de la Fleur at Malartic-Lagravière with Chef Yannick Alleno, Wednesday 21 June 2017

On Sunday 12 May 2019, for the opening of Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019, Château Malartic-Lagravière will be hosting the traditional Crus Classés de Graves Vinexpo dinner. Over the course of this prestigious evening, 400 guests, consisting of wine professionals from all over the world, will be served a 3-star dinner by Arnaud Lallement paired with Crus Classés de Graves wines. The dinner will take place in Malartic’s magnificent winery, decorated with luxurious greenery especially for the occasion.

While Chef Arnaud Lallement will be cooking in Bordeaux for the first time, he shares a natural bond with the Bonnie family: they are both inspired by a passion for the products of their region and the story of the men and women who produce them. Arnaud works closely with winegrowers in his native Champagne, and delights in paring wines with his food. The creation of a special menu paired with their wines is a superb occasion for him to express his immense talent and his dedication to gastronomic products of exceptional quality.

The Vinexpo menu will offer a marriage made in heaven: Arnaud Lallement’s signature dish, Blue Lobster, in homage to my Daddy, sumptuously accompanied by the Malartic-Lagravière 1999 red. A remarkable, intense combination, a blend of land and sea, of passions and memories, that symbolises the union of these two creators of exceptional products, both devoted to their terroir, and to the transmission of excellence from generation to generation. With this dish, Arnaud pays tribute to his father, who founded the Assiette Champenoise in 1975. For Alfred and Michèle, it is now a few years since they passed on the management of Vignobles Malartic to their children Véronique and Jean-Jacques, inspiring in them the same passion and energy.

Château Malartic-Lagravière 1999 and “Blue Lobster, tribute to my Daddy” by Chef Arnaud Lallement. (Meal picture credit Mathieu Cellard)

A combination of tradition and modernity, passion and rigour, of different generations of the same family, Château Malartic-Lagravière’s wines have a special resonance with Arnaud Lallement’s cuisine. We are confident that their union will delight guests at the Crus Classés de Graves dinner.

Alfred-Alexandre and Michèle Bonnie, Bruno and Véronique, Jean-Jacques and Séverine – Château Malartic-Lagravière

Vinexpo Welcome Dinner – Crus Classés de Graves, 12 May 2019 For the more than 25 years, the Graves Crus Classés Vinexpo dinner has brought together numerous figures from the world of wine from countries all over the world. They meet for the evening, sharing their interest in the Crus Classés de Graves: these wonderful family properties that manage to produce excellent red and white wines year after year. President of the Union of the Crus Classés de Graves since 2015, Jean-Jacques Bonnie will have the pleasure of welcoming the guests alongside the President of Vinexpo, Christophe Navarre.