Malartic 2019 Vintage by Jean-Jacques Bonnie

Dear partners, customers, colleagues, and friends of Malartic, The end of April is approaching and, after a month and a half of lockdown, it is still difficult to forecast how and when we will able to return to business as usual and yet… we must plan for when lockdown ends and beyond! In this usually very busy primeurs period – one of the high points of the year in the wine calendar – we thought we would talk to you about our 2019 vintage. An absolute gem to discover!

There are two aspects of the vintage we would like to emphasize:

Its extraordinary quality. Malartic 2019 manages the feat of offering both power and delicacy, by combining depth and richness with concentration and superb elegance. It is in the style of the classic great years but offering an extra dimension with its volume and remarkable length on the palate.

A significant turning point at Malartic. This vintage marks a significant turning point in our way of making the wine and expressing the terroir. As Jean-Jacques explains, we have taken the plunge, and changed our way of making the wine in order to give a more vivid expression to these grapes that are “rich in every way: rich in flavour, rich in acidity, in freshness, and in tannins”.

Interview of Jean-Jacques Bonnie, recorded at Malartic before lockdown.


“Our grand vin is a reflection of the complexity of its terroir. A unique expression which is our signature style”, summarizes Jean-Jacques Bonnie.


The broad lines of this philosophy are ripe, fresh fruit. Short macerations. Gentle extractions giving a full-bodied, fruit-driven free-run wine. Obtaining of the best tannic structure through rigorous selection of the press wines. Early blending for overall harmony

In this way, the terroir is given expression through a very gentle approach in the winery and careful control of the tannic substance. This refinement and elegance are accompanied by complexity and volume on the palate, revealing the diversity of our mosaic of terroirs.




Other news…

Still closed to visitors, and in response to numerous requests, we have set up a drive-through service with online ordering : from May 4th. Book it now! !

During this period of crisis, we are committed to reverse 10% of the amounts collected to the Fondation des Hôpitaux de France.

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We wish you good health and good spirits, and hope to see you soon when lockdown ends. Keep safe and look after each other!


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